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Exercise is Medicine

One to One Video

Do You Live Outside San Diego?  We Can Still Help You!

If you are living with chronic pain, every day can be a never-ending chore to endure.  Simple tasks like cooking dinner, exercising, or gardening become episodes to be gotten through as quickly as possible. The joy of your daily life is diminished to only a shadow of what it used to be.

Identifying The Source of Your Pain

In many cases, the pain you’re experiencing now is often the result of a series of small events that, when looked at as a whole, leads to the real reason why you’re experiencing pain. 

It is the reason that needs to be uncovered, to eliminate your pain.


"As a longtime dance and fitness advocate, I have always understood the importance of proper body alignment and body mechanics. Anthony Carey explains these concepts in-depth and provides easy-to-follow exercises to maintain, regain, or prevent loss of physical mobility - the basic principles of Function First. I have sent many friends and associates to Function First, and the result has been lots of happy, pain-free bodies. I'm grateful to have found this wonderful program, which has helped me stay healthy and strong."

Judi Sheppard Missett, Jazzercise Founder and CEO


Helping People Just Like You, Worldwide

While we are based in San Diego and treat many patients locally, and The Pain-Free Program book allows people worldwide to learn our exercise alternative to pain relief, we still receive inquires from people around the world everyday, asking if we have practitioners trained in our techniques. 

Unfortunately, There Aren't Many People Who Do Things The Way We Do

But what if there is no one in your area?

Our Unique, One-to-One Video Program

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The Function First One-to-One Video program is an opportunity for you to benefit from the Function First approach, regardless of where you live. 

It also provides an opportunity for our clients in the cities we visit to maintain a regular schedule of updates to their program, in between our visits.


Thank you, Anthony for your video program!

It makes it possible for me to get the benefits of one to one consultation even though I live in Nebraska and your office is in San Diego. I am 47 and have suffered from chronic arm, shoulder, and hip pain for years. I also have osteoporosis.

Because of your video program, I have been able to safely exercise and strengthen muscles and bones, alleviate pain, and knit for the first time in years. The videos are personalized and give detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises. Plus, I receive help and support from emails and phone calls. It’s better than a personal trainer because I don’t get injured.

Elizabeth Lyden, Nebraska


Participating In This Program Is Simple

The first step in the One-to-One Video Program is for you to shoot and send us a simple video following our guidelines below. We will then evaluate your video and send you a complete exercise program, including a video of your exercises to follow.
People Around The World Are Already Benefiting From This Program

This is not a generic program.  Each video is custom made and is filmed only AFTER we receive your video. Your video is evaluated the same way the clients who visit our clinic are evaluated.

Based on your evaluation and health history, your personalized exercise prescription will be developed.  One of our highly trained therapists are then filmed doing your exercises. We will then send it to you along with a printable handout to follow along when you are away from your computer

You will be able to perform all of your personalized exercises exactly as they appear in your video. And, you will soon be on your way to living pain-free!

The cost for the One-to-One Video Program is $185 and includes a personalized evaluation of your videotape, your exercise prescription and a videotape of your personalized exercise program.

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What You Need To Know

Following are directions for shooting your video. It is extremely important to follow these guidelines to ensure your video provides us the details we need to properly prescribe your personalized corrective exercise program.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by Email ( or phone at 619-285-9218.
Submitting Your Video

You may submit your video for review 1 of 3 ways:
     1.  Transferring the video to DVD and then mailing it to us
     2.  Upload it to a free video hosting web site where we can view the video based on the web address you provide.  Sites such as youtube allow you to upload the video and label it "unlisted" so that the video can only be seen by those that you share the link with.
      3.  Scheduling a 20:00 Skype call that will be used to view your evaluation live.  This requires a web cam with microphone and a free Skype account.

Receiving Your Program

Once your personalized video is filmed you will receive both a written handout for viewing along with a video of your program. 
We will upload your video to an unlisted youtube channel.  This video will be private and can only be viewed by you or those you choose to share the web address with.


  • Please videotape yourself barefoot, with no shoes on.
  • Please wear proper attire. Remember we are trying to evaluate your posture.  Baggy clothes will hide important information.
    • Men: please wear shorts only
    • Women: please wear shorts and a jogging bra or similar attire. A leotard type top and shorts are also acceptable.
    • Please wear clothing colors and a use a background that contrasts with your skin color. This will improve the viewing quality of the tape.

Postural Views

  • We will need four views of your body.  Hold each view for 30 seconds.
    • facing the camera
    • with your back to the camera
    • left side perpendicular to the camera
    • right side perpendicular to the camera
  •  Please be sure your entire body, from head-to-toe, appears on the tape for all four views.
  •  Please try to relax as much as possible.  Do not "pose."  Stand with your feet the distance apart you would normally stand comfortably.  We need to see your actual, un-attentive posture.

Gait Pattern

  • Walk in a direct line away from the camera, approximately 15 paces; turn and walk directly back to the camera, REPEAT 4 times
  • Side gait -- If possible, have the camera follow you from the side as you walk back and forth 3 times.
  •  Please be sure your entire body, head to toe, is in full view of the camera while walking.

Single Leg Stance

  • Stand with both feet pointing straight ahead and about 2 inches apart
  • Lift one leg so that the hip is flexed to 45 degrees and the knee is flexed to 90 degrees.  This should place your foot slightly behind the leg you are standing on.
  • Balance in this position for 30 seconds.

Overhead Squat

  • Stand facing the camera with your feet pointing straight ahead and hip width apart
  • Raise the arms overhead so that the elbows are straight and in line with the ears.
  • Keep your heels flat on the floor and squat down as low as you can 2 times.
  • Turn with one side perpendicular to the camera and repeat the same squat 2 times.
  • Turn your back to the camera and repeat the squat 2 times.


Additionally, please print, complete and return our brief questionnaire with your video.  You may include your responses in the email  with the video link or download and print.

Click here to download the questionnaire.



The cost of the One-to-One Video Program is $185. 

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Call us today or use the link above to use your MasterCard, Visa or Discover to get started. 

Please make checks payable to: Function First.  

We will be unable to evaluate your video until payment is received.