The Core-Tex is a hit!

I just recently attended the IHRSA convention here in San Diego.  IHRSA is the largest fitness equipment trade show/convention in North America.  This show was the first time that I publicly demonstrated the invention that my good friend Olden Carr and I developed.

The Core-Tex was an amazing hit.  I couldn’t believe the response we got. Olden and I had been working on this project for many years never really giving it the effort it deserved.  We recently picked up the pace and had a pre-production prototype ready for this show.  And was it worth it!

We should have units available for retail in mid May.  Watch for the Core-Tex to be rated as one of the most innovative products for 2008.

If you want to see a couple of video clips of me using it, you can find them here on the Function First web site.

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One Response to “The Core-Tex is a hit!”

  1. Hello Anthony,
    Great to see the Core-Tex in completion mode. I know that it will do well for you and Olden. I’m still battling chronic pain. Primarily chronic lower back pain. I’ve benefited from the tips you sent me a while ago. I am currently working thru the last program you sent me.

    Just wanted to say it’s great to see two good guys develop a product that I believe will benefit so many folks looking to recover their best possible physical condition. I have a couple of websites and and I’d love to be able to share the Core-Tex information with the visitors to my sites if you have any links and or information that I can post to.

    Again, thanks for the tips and programs you have provided me over the last 7 years. It’s been a great relationship that I thank GOD for everytime I complete one of my recovery sets.

    V. Holland
    VinHol Global Enterprises LLC