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Frank Barry Member of the Month

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Member of the Month: Frank Barry

When and why did you first start training with Function First?

I started with Anthony and Function First for rehab because of a reaction to Statin drugs. My body was getting less flexible and my movement painful. I was practically house bound, had a drop left foot and movement was hardly possible because of back pain. This was at least 9 years ago when Function First was on Adams. I had seen Anthony off and on for back pain, but the Adams gym was really the beginning of where I am today.

Training verses rehab started for me about 2 years ago when Anthony started X-Factor. I needed to get back in shape. I had gotten way out of shape because of Statins and lack of exercise. I was still having problems doing much of anything. So, rehab was about to take a step up. I was way over weight, had poor cardio vascular condition, and poor strength. This created total movement issues for daily living and athletic type movement for sport and recreation. I couldn’t do the things I did before Statins and I didn’t think it was because of my age. I had fallen into the trap of blaming my age for everything before.

What challenges did you face with both everyday activity and athletics when you first joined?

As I stated above my daily activity was very little to nothing and athletic movement was nonexistent. I had always been athletic, football, wrestling, swimming, surfing and almost anything that had to do with the ocean. Well, I didn’t do any of them anymore and it was very depressing which was another problem.

Can you tell us why you think the Function First Approach worked for you in reaching your goals?

One of the degrees I received in college was in Physical Education. It was during this period that I considered the idea of an alternative to doing the things we were being taught about training. Anthony, during my rehab, would talked with me about loaded movement and the Core Tex and it all connected. I had found what I was looking for. The connections between all mechanisms in the body were considered in this type of training and it made sense to me. So, all the training I receive from Function First from the beginning make sense based on what I have studied in college. Anthony put it all together for me.

Now as far as goals. I think, in life, people should strive to have fun no matter what they’re doing, work or play. Fun is what I have when I workout at Function First. To me it’s just fun, my main goal.

What do you like best about the training program?

I think it’s the people out front. The trainers. They are knowledgeable, professional, creative, and fun. Now, what I believe the most important. They show an interest in me and my success. I believe this to be the most motivating aspect in a trainer client relationship. I coached for many years and the one thing I saw repeatedly in successful coaches was their ability to convey they cared for the people they coached. It changes the whole atmosphere of a coaching environment. This is why Function First is a comfortable place to be.

How has Function First changed your day-to-day life?

My day-to-day life has totally reversed. The “Death Spiral” I was on is going up. I don’t know just how much more I will be able to do but, I will find out. I now workout 5 days a week, surf, and do the things I used to do. I even entered the MCRD Challenge. So my life is back to what it used to be 9 years ago. Life is Good!

Mucho Aloha,