Core-Tex Sit and Lower Back Pain

Hi, this is Anthony Carey. For almost 30 years my professional mission has been to help those in chronic pain through strategic exercise and empowering knowledge around the pain experience.

As part of my journey, I started another company that produces exercise equipment based on our body’s need for variability in our environments. In other words, there is not enough variety in our movements, especially during the work ours.

Therefore, I have developed our second product that is geared toward both helping those with lower back, hip and pelvic floor issues AND making all the time that we spend sitting, more productive.

You can learn more about Core-Tex Sit at

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4 Responses to “Core-Tex Sit and Lower Back Pain”

  1. Hi Anthony, I recently took a functional training course through ACE and learned about you there. I have a client who is obese, has spinal stenosis in her thoracic and lumbar spine, and just had her left leg amputated above the knee 2 weeks ago. She is still in the hospital and will transition in a few weeks to a SNF where she will be fitted with a temporary prosthesis. I am trying to help her condition her core, upper back, and hip flexors while she waits for her incision to heal. (amputation caused by an infection in her tibia). She is only standing to transfer and/or using a slide board and is very deconditioned from 3 prior surgeries meant to save her leg. My question is, will the Cor-Tex be appropriate for her considering the spinal stenosis? Or would it be more appropriate once she has recovered more and has her AK prosthesis? Thanks for your help!!

    • Hi Paula,

      Apologies for the delay in responding. She would likely do better once the prosthesis has been fitted. This is because she would be more stable with two points of contact on the ground (both feet). When she is ready, you can also use Core-Tex Sit with a chair with arms (still should be very firm chair). This will allow her to use the chairs for support as needed and a sense of safety.

      There is no contraindications with stenosis. Core-Tex Sit will allow her to explore ranges and positions that are initially more comfortable but still strength and mobility building.

  2. Chuck Wolf says:

    Great work AC! Excellent concept!

    Hope you are doing well. Miss you buddy!


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