Corrective Exercise Ankle Rocking with Stability Ball

Limited dorsi flexion isn’t always a “tightness” issue. Sometimes the ability for the talus to pass through the mortise of the true ankle joint can be compromised. As the joint approaches the individual’s current limit of dorsi flexion, often the nervous system will up-regulate increased tone of the surrounding musculature, which can approximate the joint surfaces and further restrict the gliding route the talus needs to take. This can often be experienced as a “pinching” or “bunching” sensation in the front of the ankle.

Using the principle of rhythmical motion and passive self-assistance, improved joint motion can be achieved. Anybody can do this for themselves with a stability ball. An excellent option to send your clients home with!

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7 Responses to “Corrective Exercise Ankle Rocking with Stability Ball”

  1. Jim Paul says:

    This is a very simple yet very effective exercise that I use frequently with my client that are challenged with dorsi flexion. It become pivotal to increase ROM, ankle mobility and in helping clients, for example, get up from the ground, or squat, etc; great exercise

  2. Ingrid says:

    What a hoot. I have been practicing and sharing this move for years but never really broke it down quite this way. Thanks for validating something I knew was good, and helping illuminate its more subtle aspects.

  3. Chuck Wolf says:

    Anthony, you make it sound like you are this great basketball player. Come on, man. Tell everyone you were the 10th man and slipped when taking a basketball off the rack and sprained your ankle. Then there was the time you twisted it during warmups to avoid the cheerleader that got in the way. You were never a Michael Jordan, or Kobe, or Curry!

  4. Chuck Wolf says:

    But this was good stuff in your video! Hope you are doing well!

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