Corrective Exercise Ankle Squeezes Prone

The Ankle Squeeze Prone is definitely one of our “go to” Level A exercises when it comes to addressing the posterior hip with the chronic pain client.

Proprioceptively, it can highlight left to right imbalances. Depending on the intention, this exercise is great for facilitating the posterior hip musculature or down regulating tone to those same muscles.

It’s also great for disassociating the lumbar musculature from the glutes/posterior hip by assisting in timing of the onset of contractions.

You will find this a great tool in your tool box for clients of all levels. The benefits to the chronic pain client is one of bio-psycho-social characteristics. But aren’t they all?

Leave your thoughts below on what you or your clients feel.

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2 Responses to “Corrective Exercise Ankle Squeezes Prone”

  1. Mark Tolle says:

    Just came across your site. Nice explanation of the exercises. I see you are Egoscue influenced or trained.

    • Hi Mark. Yes, influenced by Pete many years ago. I was his Director of Education in the early 90’s. Our Level A exercises are probably where you will see the most influence from the Egoscue Method. Our progressions and assessment process are quite different though. No doubt I owe a debt of gratitude to Pete.

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