Foam Rolling for Lower Back Pain

For as long as foam rolling has been around, it still seems that people are doing 90% of the same areas of the body and with the same moves. Having had the good fortune to speak on many of the facets around the myofascial component, I’ve both seen and explored many interventions directed toward myofascial mobility. Since most people have or have access to a foam roller, I’d like to share this very effective application for the lower back that you may have never tried.

When I have participants experience this self-myofascial release application at a presentation, the “oohs” and “ahhs” fill the room. That’s because they are exploring a stimulus to this tissue that is brand new to them.

This particular application does have some nuances and precautions, so be sure to watch the entire video.

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3 Responses to “Foam Rolling for Lower Back Pain”

  1. Jonelle L Loranger says:

    Great Video on the fascia rolling! Thank you Anthony

  2. Jade Baxter says:

    Thank you Anthony,
    Always a treat to get some great “nuggets” from you!
    This has been a trigger area for me personally, and I have found that this technique has really saved my own back. I appreciate the way you went over the neurological response which isn’t always explained.
    Always in your corner my friend!

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