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Workoutwithwendy’s X-Treme Welcome Workout Specials

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

The count down is on! Who has finally had it with doing the same old, same old…. and NOT getting anywhere? You just cannot seem to get rid those unwanted pounds. You have cut calories and have been a faithful slave to your routine, and no results- in fact you feel as if you are going backwards! Are you really ready for change?

Workwithwendy HAS the tools you need to succeed! Summer is coming to an end, but that is okay- it is not too late to start making changes (unless you don’t sign up on time!) Statistically, exercise on it’s own does not work.(Yes, I really said that!) NOR, does dieting. You burn precious muscle for energy- not good. How do you find that delicate balance. Join this limited enrollment program and find out why! Take control of your health and happiness.

The program features 3 outstanding workouts per week (18 invigorating, challenging workouts to increase endurance, strength, balance and clarity), 3 diet “pow-wows” power meetings to discuss diet issues, recipes and other diet relate issues. WE offer your own personal  nutrient breakdown (calorie count, protein requirements, carbohydrate needs, and the RIGHT fat count for health and success.) We will even sample tasty snacks to help you power your workouts.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to regain your health, and the ability to enjoy the journey. We will have interesting competitions and games (yes, games!!) to keep the fuel fired.  Change starts in your mind. See it, and then become it! Don’t miss out…

The program start date is Wednesday, September 8, 2010. Be there, be ready, be changed.

Since space is limited, we encourage you to enroll as soon as possible. There are only 8 spots available, due to the personalized nature of this program. Also, as an added incentive we are offering the following discounts:

        *A 50.00 discount if two participants sign up. That’s right! If you and a partner sign up at the same time you pay only 325.00 per person.
        * If you do not have a partner don’t worry! All sign ups received by the end of July will receive a 20.00 per person discount.

Not ready for a program….? No problem!

We are also offering 3 times per week for you to experience one of a kind workout with Wendy type workouts. The GroupX-X Factor Workout will be available here at Function First. These workouts will be fun, and one of a kind!! If you are looking for a more integrated workout, this is it!!  The challenge starts with a creative blend of body weight and TRX exercises. Gain endurance, strength, clarity of movement and power with this versatile piece of equipment! The TRX will take you from simple to complex in one workout. Bump up the heart rate with some  kettle bells, and feel the intensity increase. More “core” you say… Check out the new Coretex, designed here at Function First!! This is a XX workout!!!

For a limited time we are offering a XX discount for these classes. Try it out for 1/2 price. Bring an friend and get in free!!  Thats’ right -FREE!! Decide you love it and get a 5% discount off of the package. This discount is only available until July 31!!!

Wendy loves her clients!! All new personal training clients will also receive an additional 5% off of training packages. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the skills required for those advanced classes. We all have our abilities… let’s learn and grow together here at Function First!!

 Function First personal training

Do you know why you want to eat that?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

There is no denying the role exercise plays in good health. One of the benefits of exercise includes avoiding the negative health effects associated with excess weight and higher percentages of body fat. Equally important is the role proper nutrition and eating habits play toward the same,overall good health. Research has shown that to lose weight AND maintain the desired weight loss, eat right and exercise. New research is even telling us about the differences in the way many of us metabolize food.

But our choices of food and how much we eat can be related to many factors. Research done in France and published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders (2001; 29, 195-204) concluded the foods you crave may say a lot about the state of your mind and body.
Researchers analyzed the eating habits and cravings of more than a thousand men and women and came to the following conclusions:

*Women crave food more often than men do, with cravings peaking during times of sadness or anxiety.
*Men are more likely to eat when they’re feeling happy.
*Chocolate cravings may signal that you are tired.
*An urge for salty foods or dairy products may be your body’s way of telling you it wants a real meal.
*Those who had the most frequent cravings were more likely to be on a diet or actively trying to lose weight.

Researchers theorize that women may experience more cravings because of the increased social pressure to be thin, which also leads them to diet more frequently than men. The researchers were also sure to point out that relationship between mood and food are complex and are based both on psychological and biological factors.

Do you enjoy watching TV, listening to music or reading while you eat? Or do you like to have the company of friends or family around for good conversation when you break bread? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study involving 41 “healthy weight” women, ages 26 to 55. The women ate lunch once a week under four different conditions in a laboratory setting.

They were alone without distraction, alone while listening to recorded instruction on how to focus on the taste of their food, and alone while listening to a tape of a detective story. And they ate lunch with three other women who were also participating in the study.

Despite reporting equal levels of hunger under all four conditions, they ate considerably more calories while listening to the detective story.
Researchers recommend that people who wish to maintain or lose weight avoid eating while watching TV, talking on the phone or listening to music, all activities capable of distracting you from your dietary plan.

It can be helpful when we know where some of the speed bumps are on the road to healthy eating habits. Consider your moods and your environment when you are eating. Recognize your motivations for what you are eating during any times you might get off track.