About Us

Form Follows Function

Function First has been serving the San Diego community since 1994. Located in Mission Hills, our internationally recognized exercise studio is renowned for our unique, effective and non-invasive corrective exercise programs designed to address chronic pain and musculoskeletal limitations without drugs or manipulation. In 2009, we expanded our services to personal, semi-private and small group fitness training. Through referral and by excellent reputation in the community, we have been named one of the San Diego Union Tribune's Best of for the category of Best Personal Trainer/Studio, voted San Diego’s Best Alternative Exercise Studio in 2011, and San Diego’s Best Health & Fitness Club in 2012 and 2014.

Our Mission

Our goal is to empower you to feel, move, and perform better. At Function First we train for passion. Our mission is personal; to ignite your passion so you learn how to change your life through movement. Function First will redefine what exercise means to YOU. Whether your mission is to burn fat, get stronger or to simply move better, we’re here to make your fitness goals a reality. We will help you get the best possible results from your training through an innovative personal training program, in what we wholeheartedly believe is the best possible fitness coaching environment. Function First Fitness philopsophy is unique as it delivers best practices from the top coaches across the world to the San Diego fitness community.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple; meeting you where you need to be met both physically and emotionally. We tailor our exercise programs based off not only your physical goal and capabilities, but also factor in your preference for movement. We believe there is nothing worse in an exercise program than making someone do something they absolutely dread, regardless of how beneficial we believe it is. Because it's not about us, it's about YOU! And it doesn't stop after we create your program. We cater to you each and every workout. So if you're feeling beat up, worn out and just need a change, our Daily Readiness Observation will be able to accommodate you for every workout, allowing you to always leave 1% closer to your goal.

Our Method

We utilize state-of-the-art functional training methods to improve the way you move which will change the way you look as well as improve your overall health. We know that reaching your goals involves being emotionally excited about being active. Our unique philosophy enables us to touch on all aspects of fitness in a variety of fun and dynamic ways. Our training style, atmosphere, and facility combined with our dedication to our clients and our creative exercise programs provide a truly unique experience that delivers the results you want.