Function First has entered the blogosphere

We are looking forward to communicating regularly with the Function First community on a consistent basis. We will be posting information for our consumer clients and for the health professional community that seeks to learn more about the Function First Approach.

2 Responses to “Function First has entered the blogosphere”

  1. Great to see that we, the chronic pain sufferers will have access to information, tips, suggestions, articles and ideas from you and your company Function First. I subscribe to the newsletter thru my email and as a chronic pain sufferer myself, I have benefitted from the information provided. It’s always good when I am able to have access to more information from the informed. Thanks for entering the Blogsphere.

    Vini Holland
    “All About Living In Chronic Pain”

  2. Hello to the crew at Function First,
    I’d like to congratulate Anthony on his award and recognition. Much deserved. I’m sure the rest of you all share in the award as well remembering that it takes a team to conquer a mountain even though only one name gets remembered. I hope you all don’t stop doing what you do.

    Trying to keep up with you all in a way, I just launched the Chronic Pain Hero brand on March 2, 2009. I hope you get a chance to check it out. It’s the flagship site for the VinHol Global Enterprises LLC family of websites. I wanted to share that with you because Anthony helped me several years ago with some exercises that I still use to this day, to help tolerate my chronic pain.

    I know that you are helping many folks live a better lifestyle by being more intune and in step with their bodies. You don’t realize how the little things matter until you can’t do them at will like you once did. Keeping your body fit and in line is so important.

    I look forward to continuing visiting your site and finding out about new and improved techniques and exercises that can help me ease my pains and live a healthier, happier, less pain filled lifestyle daily.


    V. Holland aka CHRONIC PAIN HERO
    VinHol Global Enterprises LLC