Corrective Exercise #19

Corrective Exercise #19 is for one for both your pronators and your supinators. This is a great reactive exercise from the foot to the hip.

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  1. Linda Smibert says:

    I really appreciate your videos and I hope you are at Can-Fit-Pro as a presenter this August…in TO. I will defintely attend and I;m certain I;ve been to some of your presentations there before.

    Always wanting to learn and understand our amazing bodies.
    I;ve been to a lot of conferences and listened to lots of webinars and watched videos…..I always understand your teaching. Thank you….it measn I will more than likely purchase learning materials from you in future.

  2. Good exercise for developing a sound foot-hip relationship with transverse plane movement. As a Personal Trainer it seems important to also take note of any ‘gripping’ a client may be doing with their toes which changes the mechanics of the exercise.

    Brendan Rigby
    Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing

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