Todd Durkin interview with Anthony Carey

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5 Responses to “Todd Durkin interview with Anthony Carey”

  1. Rick Kaselj says:


    Great interview.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Great insight from Todd.

    Rick Kaselj of


  2. Bryce Taylor says:

    Great interview, Anthony. I am impressed by both of you.

  3. Thanks Anthony for this great interview with Todd! I’ve had the privilege of meeting both of you and I appreciate your leadership in the fitness industry!

  4. Tony Babarino says:

    Good video and very good points! But Todd is NOT the only one saying this, ya know? 🙂 I’ve head this (in different words) by Gary Gray and people I’ve met in little gyms. That being said, what Todd said is true: learn, think, and share (basically). It is good to make all trainers think, not matter their prestige or fan base! The only point I didn’t like on the video was near the end where the “Sales pitch” creeps into the story. I was happy to hear what he said the first 90%, but now in hindsight I think this is a commercial for the most part.

  5. Tony, how sad. After all the great info Todd shares and is willing to share that’s what you get in “hindsight”.

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