Why MRI Findings Don’t Mean Much to A Corrective Exercise Program

The video below is taken from a live presentation that I did at the Fit Pro Convention at Loughborough University in England a little while back. The clip is from the presentation “25 Things Your Client Needs to Know about Lower Back Pain”.

In The Pain-Free Program I discuss people wanting to identify a “villain” to give them some sense of confirmation to their pain. Imaging studies such as an MRI is a route for many to try to find this villain. What most of our clients are surprised to hear is that the results of their MRI has very little to do with the exercise intervention.

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One Response to “Why MRI Findings Don’t Mean Much to A Corrective Exercise Program”

  1. Great synopsis on how medical imaging is not crucial when designing an exercise intervention for clients in pain.

    The diagnosis can also prevent individuals from starting an exercise intervention – and in most cases this is the opposite to what their body needs!

    Brendan Rigby
    Exercise Physiologist

    Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing
    Melbourne, Australia

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