Corrective Exercise Kneeling Aztec

Any exercise that requires you to match a force with a counter force to maintain stability, will be self regulating. In other words, you can only push or pull to a level that can be stabilized by your own internal force generation.

The opposite of this would be ground reaction forces (GRF). The limitations on force production would be strength issue because you can push through the ground. This is the case with most exercises when the force is moved vertically against gravity. But when the force applied is horizontally or perpendicular to the field of gravity, we don’t get the same benefits from the GRF that we get with a vertical load.

Instead, we must turn to our own internal stability from which to create an anchor point for force generation.

As such, this corrective exercise is an excellent core exercise predominantly for the sagittal plane that does just that. It’s also happens to have some great foot benefits too.

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8 Responses to “Corrective Exercise Kneeling Aztec”

  1. Susannah Fine says:

    Love this exercise idea: co-recruitment of stabilization assisting muscles and being able to self produce forces to also learn “easing up” of contractile tension.
    It makes me think about the same lessons that I learned regarding pelvic floor muscles and how chronically holding too much muscle tone can also be problematic for some pain. The lesson of learning to tighten based on imposed demand (or relax when lack of high demand).

    Quick question, any ideas for good work arounds when someone has bone spurs/arthritis which cause MTP joint (big toe) and therefore don’t allow for toe extension during plank, push up, or this exercise?
    Thanks for the videos!

  2. Ann Davis says:

    Love this Anthony, especially for my friends and family members who have low back pain and need to strengthen core. Great alternative for plank hold. (I think you meant 30 seconds not minutes for plank hold):)

  3. Hi Susannah. Thanks for the comments! Your are spot on with the pelvic floor comparison.

    The limitation in the first MTP is a tough one on this exercise. Depending on how limited it is, you get a little help from elevating the knees on some pads or pillows. This changes the angle at the knee and ankle and requires a little less dorsi flexion. Also, wearing shoes will take away some of the foot benefits, but will still offer some of the core benefits.

  4. Liba Placek says:

    Hi Anthony
    what a presentation
    I wish I would have your vocabulary
    Loved the hands change position
    Thanks Liba

  5. Kenneth Miller says:

    Best exercise library add since Static Back. I’ve been doing this exercise since you posted a few days ago. Now one of my go to prep moves because of all the benefits you mentioned… checking off a lot of boxes. Already added some variation in hand position and rotation through the palm into the wall. As always appreciate the knowledge bombs. Ken

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