Corrective Exercise Abduction Adduction

Biomechanics never get old. This is one of the exercises from my very first Corrective Exercise for Powerful Change DVD’s. The content is still very relevant and part of our Pain-Free Movement Specialist curriculum.

The ability to take a step back to stimulate the hip motion without the hips being loaded in a comfortable and safe position can be very valuable for the client/patient with lower back pain.

No comments on my boyish looks then versus now please!

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2 Responses to “Corrective Exercise Abduction Adduction”

  1. Elaine Marx says:


    I am interested in your Pain-Free Movement Certification.
    I am certified through ACE and NASM as a corrective exercise specialist. I see that ACE offers continuing education credits for your course. Does NASM as well, and if so what credits are offered?

    Thank you!
    Elaine Marx

    • Hi Elaine. Thank you for your interest! Currently only ACE offers the CEC’s. However, we have had many people petition NASM for CEC’s for the PFMS with not problems. Looking forward to having you join us.

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