Corrective Exercise-Half Frog

This simple exercise can be quite challenging for those with a history of lower back pain, as well as the deconditioned client. The ability to disassociate the hip motion from the movement of the lower back and pelvis can be very helpful in removing stress from the lower back.

This “Level B” exercise from the PFMS is both a corrective and assessment opportunity. You will be able to see, and the client will be able to feel any control and/or range of motion differences between the two sides.

The Half Frog is also an exercise, that as a Level B allows for more intrinsic focus of attention for motor learning purposes. The client is able to concentrate on what muscles are engaging and the sensory feedback of those contractions.

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  1. Thank you for showing the half frog exercise. I’m the producer of Functional Fitness on PBS TV and appreciate seeing other functional exercises:)

  2. chidiebere says:

    hello, I have a question, on the textbook of the pain-free movement specialist course, there are forms you mentioned? like form 1 to 7?, where are the examples on the website.

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