Lower Back Pain Relief

This non-technical video is directed toward our clients and readers of The Pain-Free Program or anyone else looking for an accurate way to perform this familiar, lower back exercise exercise. Anthony gives you the nuances with the execution and the “why” behind the value (hint: It is probably not why you think it helps).

Anthony also suggests the best place to add to an existing lower back pain care exercise program.

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2 Responses to “Lower Back Pain Relief”

  1. Robert Dinkins says:

    This is Robert Dinkins a friend of Wendy Cole, and I have been pain free in my neck with two ruptured discs from 2010 for all these years from the exercises that Wendy had showed me and this exercise that you’ve shown tonight is perfect as I am an over the road truck driver and I sit a lot but I do other exercises and I had forgotten this particular exercise and so I can tell you that it really works and thank you so much and blessings to you and the family. Sincerely Robert

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