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Pain in the wallet=Pain in the body

Friday, October 24th, 2008

With the doom and gloom of the financial meltdown, gas prices, housing and the overall economy, you may be experiencing aches and pains throughout your body. Now, add a serving of the upcoming holiday chaos, and you may have a recipe for a great deal of discomfort. You see, the body can not experience psychological stress without experiencing physical stress. Unfortunately, they go hand in hand.

Stress from the economy or anything else will manifest itself into ongoing muscle tension, elevated stress hormones in the bloodstream and shallower breathing. These physical responses to stress can trigger old aches and pains and even create new ones.

Stress occurs as a result of disruption of our normal state of psychological or physical well-being. And lack of control of that disruption adds to its effects. You will experience an accumulation of stress over weeks and even months, gradually and unknowingly tolerating more and more stress.

You are unaware of this accumulation of stress until the body begins to experience physical symptoms. These might include lower back pain, upper back and neck pain, headaches, lack of restorative sleep and digestive problems.

You have to understand that your symptom is just that; a symptom. If you can identify and address the physiological triggers, you can regain control and eliminate symptoms. This is a major part of how the Function First corrective exercise program works. The right corrective exercise program will give your body the tools to restore musculoskeletal balance, relieving physiological stress and its associated pain.
The appropriate corrective exercises allow the pain sufferer to actively participate in life. The life you want. Take control of your pain without the use of drugs, surgery or dependency on an outside provider. Make an appointment with Function First today.

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