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Workoutwithwendy’s X-Treme Welcome Workout Specials

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

The count down is on! Who has finally had it with doing the same old, same old…. and NOT getting anywhere? You just cannot seem to get rid those unwanted pounds. You have cut calories and have been a faithful slave to your routine, and no results- in fact you feel as if you are going backwards! Are you really ready for change?

Workwithwendy HAS the tools you need to succeed! Summer is coming to an end, but that is okay- it is not too late to start making changes (unless you don’t sign up on time!) Statistically, exercise on it’s own does not work.(Yes, I really said that!) NOR, does dieting. You burn precious muscle for energy- not good. How do you find that delicate balance. Join this limited enrollment program and find out why! Take control of your health and happiness.

The program features 3 outstanding workouts per week (18 invigorating, challenging workouts to increase endurance, strength, balance and clarity), 3 diet “pow-wows” power meetings to discuss diet issues, recipes and other diet relate issues. WE offer your own personal  nutrient breakdown (calorie count, protein requirements, carbohydrate needs, and the RIGHT fat count for health and success.) We will even sample tasty snacks to help you power your workouts.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to regain your health, and the ability to enjoy the journey. We will have interesting competitions and games (yes, games!!) to keep the fuel fired.  Change starts in your mind. See it, and then become it! Don’t miss out…

The program start date is Wednesday, September 8, 2010. Be there, be ready, be changed.

Since space is limited, we encourage you to enroll as soon as possible. There are only 8 spots available, due to the personalized nature of this program. Also, as an added incentive we are offering the following discounts:

        *A 50.00 discount if two participants sign up. That’s right! If you and a partner sign up at the same time you pay only 325.00 per person.
        * If you do not have a partner don’t worry! All sign ups received by the end of July will receive a 20.00 per person discount.

Not ready for a program….? No problem!

We are also offering 3 times per week for you to experience one of a kind workout with Wendy type workouts. The GroupX-X Factor Workout will be available here at Function First. These workouts will be fun, and one of a kind!! If you are looking for a more integrated workout, this is it!!  The challenge starts with a creative blend of body weight and TRX exercises. Gain endurance, strength, clarity of movement and power with this versatile piece of equipment! The TRX will take you from simple to complex in one workout. Bump up the heart rate with some  kettle bells, and feel the intensity increase. More “core” you say… Check out the new Coretex, designed here at Function First!! This is a XX workout!!!

For a limited time we are offering a XX discount for these classes. Try it out for 1/2 price. Bring an friend and get in free!!  Thats’ right -FREE!! Decide you love it and get a 5% discount off of the package. This discount is only available until July 31!!!

Wendy loves her clients!! All new personal training clients will also receive an additional 5% off of training packages. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the skills required for those advanced classes. We all have our abilities… let’s learn and grow together here at Function First!!

 Function First personal training

What’s Your Barrier to Exercise?

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

If you are like me, you probably often wonder to yourself how in the world we have an obesity epidemic in this country when exercise is so much fun and feels so good. There are too many lifestyle related diseases to name that can be combated with exercise. So why doesn’t everyone exercise like you and I?

Interestingly, there are several reasons that are consistently used by people of all ages, genders and socio-economic status. See if any of these apply to you or someone you know.

Barrier #1: “I don’t have enough time to exercise”

Solution: The benefits of exercise are cumulative. Don’t try to change your life in one day. Begin with something simple to break the inertia. Find a convenient time for you that you can be consistent with. Even if this is walking for 15:00 during your lunch break. Avoid activities that aggravate any pain you might have the can create further damage and dampen your enthusiasm for exercise of all forms. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to continue once you get started.

Barrier #2: “I’m self conscious of how I look during exercise”

Solution: Exercise can be done anywhere. You can begin at home with a DVD or you can join an exercise group of your peers. Not everyone is cut out for the big box health clubs. Find a more intimate setting where you feel comfortable. Focus on the benefits you are gaining and not what you look like.

Barrier #3: “I’m always too tired to exercise”

Solution: It is scientifically proven that exercise increases your energy levels. The key is to progressively increase your activity level to avoid becoming sore or developing injuries from doing too much too soon. Identify the time of day that you feel most energetic and schedule some exercise then.

Barrier #4: “I’ve started exercise programs before and never follow through”

Solution: Don’t try to go it alone. Develop a network of supporters. Set short term goals initially and have your network hold you accountable. Get professional instruction and guidance. Find something you enjoy and want to do versus something you feel you have to do. Any good fitness profession should be able to provide you with an exercise program that is effective and that you enjoy. Your workout is about you!

We must understand that most people inherently know that exercise is good for them. Yet they are not exercising. But because they know exercise will have a positive effect on their health, they have not ruled it out.

Research has identified five stages of behavior change:

1. precontemplation
2. contemplation
3. preparation
4. action
5. maintenance.

The examples of barriers to exercise mentioned above fall into the “contemplation” stage. This stage is the longest and some people may be stuck in this stage for years. In this stage, people often associate more bad than good with exercise. For example, if they are too self conscious, they will never want to go into a facility with others for exercise.

By working with a friend or seeking professional guidance you can find tangible solutions and support to allow you to focus more on the benefits of an exercise program versus the barriers. The same is true for any exercise program-whether it is to get you out of pain or to get you more fit. You will move from contemplation to preparation and then begin taking action so that you can feel better, move better, look better AND be better.

My Dogma Can Kick Your Dogma’s A$$

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Dogma= is the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization: it is authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted or from which diverged. (Wikipedia)

Fitness educators are a disillusioned bunch. We (yes me included) often profess the absolutes to our clients, prospects, workshop/conference attendees, staff, etc. And I for one can laugh at myself.

We stand at the sacred alter at educational events and profess what is now the irrefutable truth:

• Cardiovascular exercise bad-metabolic training good
• Static stretching bad-dynamic warm-up good
• Machines bad-functional movements good
• Crunches bad-vertical ab training good
• Balance training bad-ground based training good-balance training good again

The dogma at times is pure entertainment. I’ve seen educators whom I respect greatly, teaching subject matter this year that is completely different from what they taught 5-7 years ago. This of course is a good thing in many ways because they/we have learned more from new research, borrowing from other sciences and disciplines and our own experience. Their current teachings however, often discredit their former teachings.

So this year they are presenting and writing with total conviction (read dogma) regarding new concepts and/or interpretations of the literature. And so they should be because if they did not passionately believe in what they are teaching, then they should not be teaching it.

Here’s the caveat: If I bought into their passion 5 years ago because they said it was THE best way, why the hell should I believe them now?! You would think the way some people are teaching and writing that God gave them a private viewing into all the answers of the human body.
I personally feel the better approach these days is to preface certain statements with, “what we now know …..”. Quite frankly, I don’t believe much of anything that we’ve done in the recent past was wrong. It just wasn’t the most effective or at times the safest.

You aren’t seeing any trainers blood letting with leaches these days. That would be wrong. And I’m not going to stick my clients on a leg extension machine nor will I recommend it while teaching. But if another trainer puts 55 year old Mrs. Jones on the leg extension machine because that is the only way she’s showing up on Monday, then I should mind my own business.

We all have our convictions about what works best. That shouldn’t differ if you are speaking to an audience of 500 or 5. Where do these convictions come from? I can only speak for myself. My convictions come from results. I do what I do because it works. And I teach what I do because I understand the mechanisms behind what I do. Therefore, I know the strength’s and at times the limitations of what I do.

You might notice that those that are actually doing the research and teaching at events usually don’t come with the same dogma. That’s because they understand the inherent limitations of extrapolating the findings of research to parameters that don’t replicate the study. Look what the fitness industry did with abdominal hollowing. Trainers were telling people to pull their belly button in while sprinting at maximal speed. That application of the research couldn’t have been farther from the parameters of the studies related to abdominal hollowing.

Of course the researchers rarely work with real people with real problems. So they are not emotionally invested in the results the way we are.

I really believe that much of the dogma comes from the fact that we want to hold on to and defend the “known”. This is what we understand. And if someone else is teaching something that doesn’t fit our model, then we better protect our perspective. Because if we don’t, we might just have to open up our minds to someone else’s ideas and let go of our own.

I think a lot of people have to ask themselves if their dogma is really their own dogma or someone else’s. And if it is someone else’s dogma, will your dogma change when their dogma changes in a couple of years?

Please share this with someone you know because I am convinced what I have written here is authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted or from which diverged. Yes, my dogma can kick your dogma’s a$$.