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Single Leg Stance Assessment and Lumbar Instability

Friday, May 17th, 2024

The couch potato takes 2-3000 steps per day. That’s a lot of repetition. Imagine the repetition for those who get their 10,000 steps per day?

Since the majority of our clients walk, the Single Stance is an insightful way to see how the body responds to the forces acting on it during midstance in the gait cycle.

In this video, we are going to dive deeper into what we can observe from the back view of this assessment, particularly as it relates to the coupled relationship of the pelvis and lumbar spine in the transverse plane.

I’ll show you a quick review of the key points, and then share some actual client assessments of what we found. It will make sense why this assessment can be so insightful.

Walking Pose for Upper Back Postural Relief

Friday, May 10th, 2024

Sometimes fighting the direction that our spine is challenged the most can often be ineffective, fatiguing and even painful. Using other motions that challenge the body indirectly can be extremely helpful. Such is the case with the classic rounding or “hunchback”, kyphotic posture.

The Walking Pose offers a lot of convenience and benefits without the need for equipment, getting on the floor or even needing to be in comfortable clothes.

It might surprise you that a rotational exercise has direct benefits to the rounding associated with upper back/neck issues. Anthony explains “why” and demonstrates the simple execution.

Watch how we can use this great exercise just about anywhere to give the upper back some love.