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Weak back and lower back pain

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

The bio-psycho-social model to chronic pain is evidently clear in the literature and we have made great strides in applying this model to our clients and our teaching.

What is also evidently clear, is that if you do not include the “bio” in the conversation, you will have a very difficult time helping the client relate a “known”-the biology/biomechanics of the body-to an unknow-the psycho/social aspects of the model.

The bio is simply the known because that is what the paradigm has been for the hundreds of years now. The pysco/social aspect is still very new for the general public (and unfortunately many medical professionals).

The following video clip is from a presentation I did titled: 25 Things Your Client Needs to Know About Lower Back Pain. The talk was presented to address the many misconceptions our clients and potential clients have regarding lower back pain. This clip addresses a few of those misconceptions.